Rural Administration

• There are more than 6 lakh villages in India.
• They have to do the maintenance work of water, electricity, roads, land documents or the administrative structure of the village to settle those disputes.
• Every police station has a working area which is under its control.
• People get the report of theft, accident, beating, quarrel etc. in that area written in the same police station, which is the responsibility of that police station (head of the station) to solve the problems.

Work Of Revenue Department:-

• Measuring the land and keeping its record is the main job of the Patwari or Rajya Sabha. In different states, they are known by different names – some Patwari, some Lekhpal, some employee, some village officer and somewhere Kanungo.
• Generally, patwaris have different methods of measuring the field. In some places, long iron chains are used, which are called Zarib. Now the government has made it online.
• Patwari also collects land tax from the farmers and informs the government about the crops grown in his area.
• Farmers sometimes change crops, grow something else or dig a well somewhere. Its maintenance is the work of the revenue department of the government.
• All the states in India are divided into districts. Districts are further divided into smaller blocks. The subdivisions of the districts are known by many names. Like Taluka, Tehsil etc.
• At the top is the District Officer, followed by the Tehsildar. He has to deal with various cases and Tehsildar supervises the work of Patwari and makes sure that records are kept properly and revenue (various taxes) is collected.

• The Tehsildar also gets the caste certificate made to the students and the land related matters are also heard in the office. A new law (Hindu Act Section 2005)
• Till now in many states, Hindu women did not get a share in the family land. It is not suitable for Muslims.
• Now though in Hindu women or girls get property in their father’s land.


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