Need and Importance of Objective-Based Teaching of Mathematics

Teaching is a career that guides the thoughts of the next generation and training the students. to think clearly. It calls for a combination of skills demanded by few other professions. Identifying the objectives of teaching of mathematics provide a tested, sound, structured methodology for overcoming a great number of the issues identified as current problems in secondary and higher education today. Hence an objective based teaching is imperative.

An objective based teaching is a reflective exercise that addresses the question: What do students need to know in order to derive maximum benefit from the educational experience. It is a systematic sharing of knowledge (learning content) and an understanding of how knowledge can be comprehended and shared in different ways. It is also a change in focus that affects the students’ role: accepting responsibility for their own learning.

Some of the common objectives of teaching of mathematics are

  • Teaching and learning of basic numeracy skills to all pupils.
  • Teaching of practical mathematics (arithmetic, elementary algebra, plane and solid geometry, trigonometry) to most pupils, to equip them to follow a trade or craft.
  • Teaching of abstract mathematical concepts (such as set and function) at an early age.
  • Teaching of selected areas of mathematics (such as Euclidean geometry) as an example of an axiomatic system and a model of deductive reasoning.
  • Teaching of selected areas of mathematics (such as calculus) as an example of the intellectual achievements of the modern world.
  • Teaching of advanced mathematics to those pupils who wish to follow a career in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields.
  • Teaching of heuristics and other problem-solving strategies to solve non-routine problems.
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