SMS Full Form

What is the full form of SMS?

The full name of SMS is Short Message Service. It is essentially a structured interaction protocol used between mobile platforms to share text messages. SMS can be sent using a smartphone, any other cell phone, or an Internet-enabled computer device, etc. It is the most used application for sharing information.

In India, all mobile communication companies like Airtel, Idea, Vodafone etc. provide SMS service. SMS allows users to share a message with up to 160 alpha-numeric characters. In the present situation, CDMA, GSM and TDMA mobile networks support SMS service.

A brief history of SMS

  • In the early 1980s, the text messaging platform was first introduced to mobile devices.
  • In December 1982, the GSM plan of action for the provision of services available to public cellular networks and to mobile platforms was accepted. The sharing of text messages was authorized via mobile stations or the handling stations, as per this plan.
  • Ultimately, the SMS idea was thus established by Friedhelm Hillebrand & Bernard Ghillebaert in the Franco-German collaboration in 1984.
  • The key idea behind SMS’s design was to use optimized telecommunications networks and transfer messages using signalling paths.
  • Friedhelm Hillebrand agreed to provide a maximum size of 160 alpha-numeric characters for text messages.

Benefits of SMS

  • It is a very secure and approved service for sending confidential information that ensures that the information is delivered protected.
  • In contrast to a phone call, it’s a much more discrete method of sending details.
  • It is distributed instantly to all mobile platforms, and no internet access is needed.
  • People’s messages are kept indefinitely until the individuals themselves have removed them.
  • Because it is already given on all mobile platforms, it does not need any application to be installed.

Limitations of SMS

  • It has a small range as it provides only 160 characters per text message.
  • Since the SMS service is not cost-free, one has to pay the delivery cost to send a text message.
  • There is no possibility to unsend a text after the text is sent.
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