QR Code Full Form

What Is the Full Form of the QR Code?

The full name of QR code is Quick Response Code. It is a trademark or a form of 2D bar code that consists of a dot matrix. It was first developed by the Japanese automotive company Denso Wave in 1994 to monitor vehicles during development in Japan. Later, due to its easy readability and higher storage space compared to traditional UPC barcodes, it became famous even outside the automotive sector.

  • A QR code represents a black square with a white background organised in a square grid.
  • An imaging system such as a telescope, smartphone with a built-in camera, QR reader, and so on. can interpret this both vertically and horizontally.
  • We may claim it is a machine-readable optical label that holds the data with which it is connected about an object, item, or product.
  • The imaging device transforms the dots inside the code into numbers or a group of characters upon scanning.
  • Scanning a QR code with your smartphone, for instance, may enable a URL in the web browser of your phone.
  • The QR codes are in the format of a square shape that determines the code orientation and allows each code to be unique.
  • No two QR codes could have a similar pattern.

Benefits of QR Code

There are two significant benefits of the QR code over conventional UPCs.

  • QR code contains significantly more information because they are two dimensional UPC than one-dimensional UPC.
  • QR code can be scanned from a phone, but it isn’t easy to scan a standard UPC from a phone.
  • It has also made it possible to use your mobile smartphone comprising the QR code as an airport boarding pass or as a pass for a movie or event, and so on.
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