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In many countries around the world, sporting events hold a special place in the hearts of the people. These events not only showcase the talent and skills of athletes but also represent the spirit and culture of the nation. In some countries, certain sports are so deeply ingrained in the national identity that they are recognized as the official national games. Let’s take a look at some countries and the sports that hold this prestigious title.

S. No. Name of Countries National Game
1. Afghanistan Buzkashi
2. Antigua and Barbuda Cricket
3. Argentina Pato
4. Australia Cricket and Australian Rules Football (AFL)
5. Bangladesh Kabaddi
6. Barbados Cricket
7. Bermuda Cricket
8. Bhutan Archery
9. Brazil Capoeira
10. Bulgaria Weightlifting
11. Canada Ice hockey (In Winter) & Lacrosse (In Summer)
12. Chile Chilean rodeo
13. China Table Tennis
14. Cuba Baseball
15. Czech Republic Ice Hockey
16. Dominican Republic Baseball
17. England Cricket
18. France Football
19. Haiti Football
20. Hungary Water polo
21. Israel Football
22. Italy Football
23. Indonesia Badminton
24. Lithuania Basketball
25. Iran Wrestling
26. Jamaica Cricket
27. Japan Sumo Wrestling
28. Malaysia Sepak Takraw
29. Mongolia Mongolian wrestling, archery and horse riding.
30. Mauritius Football
31. Mexico Charreria
32. Nepal Dandi Biyo
33. New Zealand Rugby union
34. Norway Skiing
35. Pakistan Field Hockey
36. Philippines Arnis
37. Poland Football
38. Peru Paleta Frontón
39. Russia Bandy
40. Scotland Golf
41. Serbia Basketball, water polo, volleyball, and Football
42. Slovenia Skiing
43. South Korea Tae-kwon-do
44. SriLanka Volleyball
45. Switzerland Shooting and Gymnastics
46. Tajikistan Gushtigiri
47. Turkey Oil wrestling
48. USA Baseball
49. Venezuela Baseball
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