Live Updates: Varanasi Lok Sabha Election Result 2024 – PM Modi Faces Off Against Congress’s Ajay Rai

In the Varanasi Lok Sabha Election Result 2024, a captivating showdown unfolds between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress’s Ajay Rai. With PM Modi vying for a third consecutive victory from Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi, the stakes are notably high as he aims for a historic win with a record margin. Conversely, Ajay Rai, supported by the opposition INDIA alliance, seeks to challenge PM Modi’s entrenched dominance in his stronghold.


Here are the live updates from the Varanasi Lok Sabha Election Result 2024:

  • PM Modi Extends Lead in Varanasi: Narendra Modi strengthens his lead in Varanasi, surpassing Ajay Rai by over 1.39 lakh votes, indicating a potential landslide victory.
  • Key Seats Update Across Uttar Pradesh: PM Modi leads in Varanasi, while Rahul Gandhi leads in Rae Bareli. Akhilesh Yadav leads in Kannauj, and Rajnath Singh leads in Lucknow.
  • NDA vs. INDIA Bloc in Uttar Pradesh: NDA leads in 38 seats, while the INDIA bloc leads in 42 seats in Uttar Pradesh, signaling a closely contested battle between the alliances.
  • PM Modi Strengthens Lead in Varanasi: PM Modi consolidates his lead in Varanasi, extending his advantage to over 72,000 votes.
  • Recap of Uttar Pradesh’s 2019 Results: BJP-led NDA won 62 seats in 2019, with BSP and SP winning 10 and 5 seats respectively. BSP now contests alone, and trends do not indicate a strong showing.
  • Neck-and-Neck Battle in Uttar Pradesh: Uttar Pradesh witnesses a tight contest between NDA and INDIA bloc, with BJP’s stronghold facing an intense electoral battle.
  • PM Modi Maintains Lead in Varanasi: PM Modi maintains a lead of over 34,000 votes in Varanasi as the counting progresses.
  • Ajay Rai’s Background in Varanasi: Ajay Rai, Congress’s candidate, has a political journey rooted in Varanasi, starting as an RSS ‘karyakarta’ before entering mainstream politics.
  • Opposition’s Challenge in Varanasi: Ajay Rai, backed by the INDIA alliance, aims to challenge PM Modi’s dominance in Varanasi, having contested against him in previous elections.
  • PM Modi’s Aspiration for Record Victory: PM Modi seeks a third consecutive win from Varanasi, aiming for a historic victory with a record margin of over 5 lakh votes.

The Varanasi Lok Sabha Election Result 2024 unfolds amidst high stakes and dynamic electoral dynamics, as voters in the constituency play a crucial role in shaping the political trajectory of the region.

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