Improve Rank in JEE and NEET Exams with these Techniques

IIT JEE and NEET are the most comprehensive engineering and medical entrance examinations conducted in India respectively. JEE and NEET provide students a gateway to pursue higher education in the prestigious IITs and AIIMS respectively. Thousands of candidates prepare for these exams but only a few get selected, the notable difference is the study plan and strategy adopted by them.

With proper guidance and strong dedication of the student, there is a possibility of securing a good rank in JEE and NEET. Students who qualify to gain a seat in these institutes are provided with ample resources including experienced professors, study environment and a secure future after completing their respective courses. The exposure that students get in these institutions enhances their knowledge base.

Many people think that it is difficult to score top ranks in JEE and NEET exams, which require years of preparation; All these myths can go away once students learn to work smart along with hard work in their preparation journey.

Good rank in JEE and NEET exams

For JEE Main, students with a rank of 3500 to 30000 can expect good NITs, however, for the top NITs, the competition is tough as students are required to have a rank below 25000. Students who  qualify for  JEE Advanced compete for the top IITs in India.

In NEET, students with ranks below 4000-5500 can get seats in top medical colleges in India, i.e. students have to score 610+ out of 720 in NEET UG exam. To know more about the marking scheme, visit the exam pattern of NEET and JEE.

How a good rank is calculated in JEE and NEET exam

The National Testing Agency uses a method of normalization to develop the final merit list of students. It is used to stabilize the difficulty level of question papers between different slots of the exam.

Candidates who  have appeared for the JEE Main  exam can estimate their relative merit by using the JEE Main percentile score. Percentile means the performance of the candidate in comparison to additional candidates. For example, the 90th percentile in JEE Main indicates that the candidate has scored more than 90 percentile among all the candidates who appeared for JEE Main.

To calculate their NEET marks and rank, candidates need to find out their probable score. Students can refer to the NEET answer key to calculate their rough score; NEET exam is of total 720 marks.

Effect of good rank on college admission

To get admission in top 7 IITs, i.e. IIT Kharagpur, IIT Kanpur, IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Roorkee, IIT Madras and IIT Guwahati are generally considered good IITs, students need to get a rank below 2000 in JEE Advanced. Should aim at.

To get admission in AIIMS, students need to aim for a rank less than 4500 in the NEET UG exam.

How to improve rank in JEE and NEET exam

Following remedial strategies while preparing for these exams helps students to increase their scores in JEE and NEET. Listed below are techniques that will help you score better:

  • master the curriculum
  • Select the best books
  • give time to each subject
  • prepare notes
  • revise daily
  • give mock test

Check the table given below for the marks required to get top rank in JEE exam:

jee rank
AIR (All India Rank)Mark

 Check the table given below for the marks required to get top rank in NEET exam :

neet rank
neet rankneet marks
1 – 19720 – 715
23-202710 – 700
204-512689 – 690
522 – 971688-680

Coaching for JEE and NEET preparation

Proper guidance helps students to increase their rank in competitive exams like JEE and NEET. Although students need to work hard to succeed in these examinations, however, proper guidance will accelerate the success rate.

  • Impact of coaching on preparation –   Experienced teachers in this field assist students in course selection, following the right study routine, and avoiding common mistakes during preparation. Students face many questions regarding course completion, time management and timetable.
  • Guidance –   The process of guidance helps students to work efficiently and achieve their expected goals while preparing for JEE and NEET entrance exams. Candidates face many hurdles which can be solved through proper guidance.
  • Study Material –   Students must look for proper study material. The study material prepared by highly experienced faculty is designed as per the latest syllabus of JEE and NEET.
  • Test Series –   Test series provide students with an understanding of the exam pattern, difficulty level of questions and time management. The coaching institute provides a thorough analysis of students’ results, which helps them analyze their performance and areas for improvement.
  • Practice Sheets –   Practice sheets provided to the students after the lecture enhance their question-solving skills and help them to revise all the concepts efficiently. The coaching institute provides doubt sessions regarding daily practice problems, so students correct their mistakes.

Students across the country are planning to qualify for the IIT JEE and NEET examinations, and every year thousands of students appear for these competitive exams, however, only a few are successful in reserving their seats in the top IITs and AIIMS.

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