Objective of Physical Education B.Ed Notes

The objectives of physical education are stated differently by many of Physical Educationists. The following are main objectives of physical education.

Development of Organic Fitness: This objectives deals with the program of activities which builds physical power in and individual through the development of the various organic systems of the body. The systems such a circulatory system, respiratory system, nervous system, muscular system and digestive systems. Physical education is related to physical activities, which create various effects on our organic systems. These systems are developed in size, shape, efficiency etc. This promotes a sound health, which enables the individual to be the valuable asset for the nation. If our systems remain in sound health, they can perform their functions in an efficiency way.

Development of Mental health: The mental development objective deals with the accumulation of a body of knowledge and the ability to think and to interpret their knowledge. Physical education programmers need alertness of mind, deep concentration and calculated movements. Physical activities sharpen the mind, to perform various activities. It includes rules and regulations techniques of games, anatomatical and physiological studies balanced diet, sanitation, health and diseases personal hygiene etc. Through participation in various activities an individual learns to draw certain conclusions. He is able to understand the new situations faced in the games. He is able to take decisions independently.

Social Development: In the democratic society in which we live it is necessary to have all individual develop sense of group consciousness and cooperative living. Social traits are essential for better adjustment in life. The programme of physical education develops these traits. They provide leadership qualities. Through physical activities, the players come closer with each other and adjust themselves according to situations. It helps in attaining the traits like cooperation courtesy fair play, sportsmanship self control unselfishness tolerance and sympathy.

Development of Neuro muscular co-ordination:
The nervous system is strengthened only proper physical exercise. neuro muscular coordination develops well only of various of exercises are done repeated for a long period of time. Good neuro muscular coordination helps to keep off fatigue coordination. We get accuracy and smooth function of our body. Our reaction time. becomes less. Neuro muscular development helps ones be perform the daily work with proficiency develops a well poised quick and efficient movement and body graceful carriage.

Development of Desirable habits

  • To be inculcated regular activities rest regulated diet
  • Maintaining cleanliness
  • To be disciplined in one’s work
  • Chalking out a schedule of desirable activities that may contribute towards a healthy body and a happy mind

Development of Personality

  • Attainment of sportsmanship
  • Development of leadership qualities
  • Development of social cooperation
  • Development of fearlessness.
  • Attainment of positive qualities of self confidence
  • Attainment of self control

Providing for Mental Hygiene

  • Mental Hygiene comprises those activities and techniques which promote and maintain mental health.
  • Development of ability to face stresses and string of like
  • Elimination of worry and tension through games and sports

Development of Functional Knowledge

  • To know the rules and techniques of different games
  • To know and acquire knowledge, proper health procedure
  • To know the methods and principles of games and exercises
  • To know the body parts and the effects of exercise on various organs and systems.

Development of qualities of a good citizenship

  • One has to abide rules and regulation
  • One’s discipline improves the qualities of a good citizenship
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