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Knowledge and Curriculum B.Ed Notes

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1Epistemological contribution of educational thinkers What is education, concept meaning relationship with philosophy
 Epistemological analysis of following educational thinkers
 Western Educators-Plato, Rousseau, R S Peter
 Indian Thinkers-Swami Vivekanand, M K Gandhi, R N Tagore, Aurobindo Ghosh, Vinoba Bhave
2Evolving knowledge base in education

 Nature of knowledge in education: concepts, statements, educational view points, metaphors and theories, emerging k base in education difference between information, knowledge, belief, and opinion interfaces with cognate disciplines such as physical, natural and social sciences

Concepts of curriculum
 Understanding the meaning and nature of curriculum: need for curriculum in schools.
Differentiating curriculum framework, curriculum and syllabus; their significance in school educations

Nation of the textbook
 Facets of curriculum: core curriculum – significance in Indian context meaning

3Curriculum determinants and considerations

Board determinants of curriculum making (at the nation or state-wide level)
i. Social political cultural geographical economic diversity
ii. Social political aspirations, including ideologies and educational vision
iii. Economic necessities
iv. Technological possibilities
v. National priorities
vi. System of governance and power relations and
vii. International context


Considerations in curriculum development: (at the level of the school)
i. Forms of knowledge and its characterization in different school subjects
ii. Relevance and specificity of educational objectives for concerned level
iii. Social-cultural context of students – multi-cultural, multilingual aspects
iv. Learner characteristics
v. Teachers experiences and concerns
vi. Critical issues: environmental concerns, gender difference, inclusiveness, value
concerns and issues social

Aims of the course- The courses intends to inform student-teachers that how knowledge and curriculum – making plays a critical role in a heterogeneous and plural society like India. However, without a clear vision and understanding of curricular aims, schools tend to become rigid in their curricular practices, and uniformly imposed processes, meanings, and values. This negates the ideals that they are expected to actualise. Therefore, the couses aims at enthusing student-teachers to infuse dynamism in selection of knowledge, symbols and values and child-friendly in pedagogy, student teachers understand the evolving meanings of ‘curriculum’. When seen as a dynamic process within this board field, conceptual linkages (and distinctions) between educational aims, curriculum framework, role of school organization and culture, as well as of the teacher, in operationalizing and developing a contextually responsive ‘curriculum’ and ‘critical pedagogy’

Knowledge and Curriculum B.Ed Notes

Sarkari Diary’s comprehensive B.Ed notes on Knowledge and Curriculum cover all the important topics in the B.Ed syllabus, including:

  • What is knowledge?
  • Different types of knowledge
  • The importance of knowledge in education
  • The concept of curriculum
  • Factors that influence curriculum development
  • Types of curriculum
  • Approaches to curriculum design
  • Evaluation of curriculum

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